58 Renmin Avenue, Hainan University


    ASSIA2019 will be held at the China Japan Friendship Exchange Center of Hainan University, which is one of the most recognizable structures of the Hainan University campus.
    Hainan University China-Japan Friendship Exchange Center, located in the east of Hainan University. It’s alongside the Dongpo lake, where you can see the lake glittering in the sunset and the clouds of the same color as egrets. Here you can see the Century Bridge crossing the sea, a miracle that makes a chasm turned into a thoroughfare. From the center, the panoramic picture of the south of university is clear. It’s also adjacent to the Haidian Island Business Circle, which is just north on the center. Here you can enjoy the elegant scenery and convenient traffic conditions, which together make it your best choice for business and leisure in Haikou. Hainan University China-Japan Friendship Exchange Center serves for domestic and foreign academic exchanges and cooperation. The center takes advantages of its cultural and natural environment, attracting and retaining guests from all over the world by its good faith and high quality service.


Scenic Sites Around


Hainan University

     Located in the capital city of Haikou in Hainan Province, Hainan University is the only comprehensive university in this province. Hainan University is bounded by Qiongzhou Strait to the north and Nandu Jiang River to the south. The campus is characterized by its tropical marine shoreline with coconut-scented breeze and undulating expanse of sea and lake waters rippling in the sunshine.

Baishamen Park

     Baishamen Park is located in the northwast of the Hainan University.
Walking along the shady paths in the park, special scenic spots provide a feast for the senses, engendering a peaceful and idyllic feeling of nature.

Traffic/Nearby Attractions



Haikou Baishamen Park

10 minutes drive

Haikou Snack Street

15 minutes drive

Haikou Evergreen Park

20 minutes drive

Hainan Provincial Museum

25 minutes drive

Wugong Temple

25 minutes drive

Haikou Rail Station

30 minutes drive

Holiday Beach

35 minutes drive

Haikou Meilan International Airport

40 minutes drive