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         Following the success of the ASSIA2013 (Tsukuba), ASSIA2015(Taipei) and ASSIA2017 (Kyoto), the 4th Asian Summer School in Information Access will be held on July 9-13, 2019 at Haikou, China.
        ASSIA2019 aims to provide opportunities to research students, young faculty members, and industrial researchers to learn the core and advanced topics from the world-class experts in the field. It is also a platform for the participants to discuss with each other and inspire potentially great ideas in the broad area of information access research.
        In this summer school, lecture topics include core topics such as advanced Information Retrieval models, user modeling, and social media analysis, and also advanced topics such as deep learning and online experiment in IR. The summer school also offers opportunities for poster presentation by participants.
         Click here and download the invitation of ASSIA 2019.



Key Information

  •   Date: July 9-13, 2019

  •   Place: Hainan University, China

  •   Capacity: 70-80 participants

  •   Aims: Undergraduate/graduate students, Ph.D candidates, academic and industrial researchers

What's New?

  •   April 17, 2019: Registration is now opened.

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